Infuriated by a 90 minute meeting that got my project nowhere. Now off to an orthodontist appointment instead of yoga. #rageflail

We just had way too much fun decorating our coworker’s cube for her return from maternity leave.

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Boss is out sick today, so both my mtgs are cancelled (one of which I was presenting). Guess my day just freed up and got more productive.

Coding outside my comfort zone this week: stored procs and SSIS instead of SSRS front-end design. Don’t want to jinx it, but so far so good.

Working from home rather than calling it a personal day. Stuff broke at #work, so I’m tag-teaming with a co-worker to fix things. Yay, work!

I know it’s “only” a Level 2 now, and I’m getting cabin fever from #snow days, but I’m taking the day off. Not ready to brave the roads yet.

I’m still not entirely convinced I’ll be going in to work tomorrow, but I’ll assume I am. Level 3 downgrading to Level 2 at 11pm.

My work is closed AGAIN tomorrow. This is unprecedented.

Well, that never happens: my work is closed tomorrow! This is only the 2nd time in six years. Connor’s daycare is closed, too. Sleeping in.

Level Two

I’ve been harping on myself lately for missing out on writing about current events in my life. Before Connor, I spent most of my evenings blogging or journaling longhand about the goings-on of a given day, or writing in-depth about some tiny philosophical point. Nowadays, I tend to skip past delving into even major life events in favor of a quick 120-character tweet.

Not today.

Today, I got the promotion I’ve been waiting years to get.