So much for my new initiative to get to work on time. I haven’t even got on the highway yet, and I’m already 25 minutes late.

My annual review is coming up soon. If I feel like I’ve been behind the 8-ball all year, I’m afraid of how my boss sees my performance.

It’s either gonna be a quiet day or a crazy one: over half my team is out today. Hoping for the former. #work

I really hope I didn’t just exacerbate the workplace drama by alerting my supervisor to said drama. #vaguetweet

Infuriated by a 90 minute meeting that got my project nowhere. Now off to an orthodontist appointment instead of yoga. #rageflail

We just had way too much fun decorating our coworker’s cube for her return from maternity leave.

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Boss is out sick today, so both my mtgs are cancelled (one of which I was presenting). Guess my day just freed up and got more productive.

Coding outside my comfort zone this week: stored procs and SSIS instead of SSRS front-end design. Don’t want to jinx it, but so far so good.

Working from home rather than calling it a personal day. Stuff broke at #work, so I’m tag-teaming with a co-worker to fix things. Yay, work!

I know it’s “only” a Level 2 now, and I’m getting cabin fever from #snow days, but I’m taking the day off. Not ready to brave the roads yet.