Radioactive Pee

From: Diana Schnuth
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 10:28 AM
To: ‘Aaron R. Schnuth’
Subject: hey

You may find this amusing… Yesterday evening, I had that headache, so I went to take some Meijer-brand Tylenol or whatever we had. Somewhere in my brain, I thought that since my girlie meds were downstairs in the kitchen, so was the tylenol. So I inadvertently took three vitamins instead of three tylenol. 🙂 Then I wondered why my pee was so bright yellow later on, when all I?d taken was Tylenol. It wasn?t until this morning when I thought to actually take a vitamin that I realized what I?d done. Heh. And, no, my headache didn?t go away last night for some time, and I wondered why.

Almost Functional

Well, this evening was spent messing with MT. And messing, and messing, and messing… until I realized that my problem lay in some simple configuration settings. Once MT knew where to generate my files, my MT tags magically started working; and once I realized how to make templates work, and how to recompile the site to show my changes, everything started coming together.

This is still going to take a lot of work and tweaking—and reformatting of generic templates when the need arises. If you choose to preview your comment, you’ll see what I mean… 😉

Hello World

This is just me testing Movable Type, and my ability to insert MT tags into my own HTML. Interesting, isn’t it, how I’ve come full-circle: hard-core codehead to reluctant wysiwyg (Claris Homepage) to all-out wysiwyg (Dreamweaver) to reluctant code-head. Heh.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

Well, I figured out how to adapt around all the little goobers in my CSS compatibility enough to make something that looks presentable in both browsers. Please look around and let me know what you think. Is the jumpy background too overwhelming? If it is, I can try to tweak it into something that might be smaller, both visually and byte-wise, although I’m not sure how the design would hold together without the large photo element. Might still be OK.

If the general consensus on the design is A-OK, then I’ll make an attempt to figure out these Movable Type templates and plug them into this nifty design I’ve created. Once I figure out the proprietary tags, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be any harder than connecting ClarisWorks to FileMaker back in the day. And, hell, maybe it’ll get me on the road to doing some real database stuff. I have MT running under MySQL, after all.

OK, guys. Let me know what you think. I’m outta here for tonight. Soon. Really.

edit: Might help if I gave you the new link.

“Real” Web Hosting: Check.

Well, I done it. I bought a domain name and pointed it toward my sparkly new web hosting service. I have also maxxed out credit card #2 with said web hosting, and made an emergency online ‘oh-shit-did-I-just-go-overlimit?’ payment. I am totally done charging shit until I get both cards back to about 50% paid-off. Why do I keep doing this shit? I’m really pissing myself off with this.

But I digress. Web hosting.

As much as I would love to set up MT right now, I’m getting a little tired and am having trouble following the installation instructions. How should I know where I want to install Movable Type? You’re the experts—where would you put it?!
*deep breath*

I’m just really anxious to get my shit going, even though my navigation isn’t quite up to par yet. I think I need to try a couple different templates for horizontal navigation, and maybe set it up so it doesn’t look like crap with a space there, in case I can’t get rid of it. Kind of like my issue with the fixed background—it looks in both IE and Firefox, even though it looks totally different.

I wish I had more quality brain-time in the evenings. I’ve still got a good hour of awakeness, but my brain is done. All I’m good for at this point is some TV, a shower, a chapter or two of Lord of the Rings, and hitting the sack. Blah.

I am so addicted.

I had thought to have a computer-free day today. After purchasing web hosting, downloading MT, and almost getting it installed yesterday, I had seriously thought I could stay away from my hopeless addiction to the intarweb. I had planned to do some yoga, put away some clothes, water my plants, et cetera, et cetera. Instead, here I am, basking in the glow of my Compaq FS740 17-incher, watching my old-skool copy of WS_FTP95 (straight from the 1999-2000 ResNet CD!) zip all the Movable Type files to their new home.

Er, no, I’ll take that back. I am actually now configuring MT. So far, so good… Now I just need to set up a template, and test this puppy out.

Then comes the daunting task of importing all my old entries.



Drumroll, please…

Sure enough, I blew through that roll of film in my Lomo in no time. The last third or so of the roll I took in the laundromat this evening. I’m very curious about how this stuff is going to come out. I tried to use different focus ranges and even set the aperture once to see the difference between autoexposure and manual. If they come out, I should have some really keen lomographs. 🙂

I think I have one free roll of developing from Snapfish, so I’ll probably dig out one of those mailers and send out my roll of Lomo film tomorrow.

…Which reminds me, I think I still have a roll of film MIA to Signature Color. What was the last thing I photographed? Not Dayton, because I used my digital (and Amy took the pics at the museum with her digital). ::looks back for photo-worthy events in LJ:: Hmm. I dunno. ::checks checkbook register:: Oh, yeah! I went to the zoo with Aaron on our vacation. The check was dated for 8/2, so hopefully they should have my film by now. Jeez. Maybe I’d better check and see if my check has been cashed yet… and by whom.

PS – My layout is really almost done now. Check it out. w00t!

Lomomania Returns

Well, in the midst of my website obsession, and shortly after the wrath of Hurricane Charley, my Lomo arrived from Florida. Surprisingly enough, after all the stink I made about wanting one, it has been sitting neglected on the kitchen table until today.

Today, in the midst of our other random errands, we purchased a three-pack of SR44 camera batteries and a three-pack of Kodak High Definition film (but only because I had a $3.00 off coupon). Now, according to the Lomographic Society website, a little red light was supposed to come on in the viewfinder if the batteries worked—unfortunately, I failed to note that in order to make said light come on, you have to actually press the shutter release. So, I was quite perplexed and ended up messing with the battery contacts and loading film before I realized that all I had to do was push the button and the little red light would come on. ::sigh::

Anyway, I now have a loaded Lomo, and have taken almost half a roll of film. I intend to keep it in my purse and hopefully find some spontaneous photos to capture. I understand that the first roll or two of Lomo film always sucks, so I’m not setting my sights too high for this first attempt. I’m just hoping that the film I loaded advances OK and that the shutter works and that the camera doesn’t suck too bad. For $100, it better not suck.

Layout (Almost) Complete

Thanks to the lovely folks at the CSS Forum, I now have my basic layout set up as I had wanted. I still need to design my very first masthead, figure out my site structure and navigation (i.e. pare this sucker down), and finish my background image to my satisfaction. Then, and only then, will I be prepared to shell out some coin for “real” webhosting. And, after that, I will refamiliarize myself with installing perl scripts on a remote server (which actually shouldn’t be too hard—I mean, if I could install a guestbook script back in the day, I can certainly install and configure Movable Type six years later).

Questions, though: Amy, I know you use Firefox. When you scroll my test page, does the “transparent” background kind of jump? I think it’s just a video RAM issue on my box, but I can’t be positive. It does the same thing in Netscape 7.2 (which I downloaded for testing purposes only). The only reason it doesn’t do it in IE6 is that Explorer is fubar and doesn’t display the background properly… but I kind of like the funky effect it gives, so I’m keeping it, even though it’s not what I was going for. Oh, and incidentally… Firefox is now my default browser.

Overall, I believe I am pleased. Any comments on the layout: good, bad, ugly? I’ll get the masthead up as soon as I get it designed. 😉