Tomato Jam In Progress

Fowl & Fodder Downtown features a burger topped with ancho barbecue sauce and tomato jam (among other things). I haven’t tried it myself, but my two coworkers who have claim the tomato jam is too cloyingly sweet for the burger.

That got me to thinking… what better way to “put up” the remainder of my tomato surplus than jamming? Refrigerator jam, specifically — I’m not equipped for preserving (aka canning). Not yet, anyway.

I found a recipe for tomato jam from The Kitchn and decided to try it out this evening. I only made a couple minor adjustments by necessity: I used my beefsteak tomatoes plus a few SunSugar cherry tomatoes instead of the suggested Roma; I only had light brown sugar instead of dark brown; and I always keep a jar of chopped ginger in the fridge, so I used that instead of fresh grated.

Oh, good lord. I have found my new favorite condiment.

One pint of tomato jam

I can see myself putting this on every burger and sandwich I ever make from now on — until it’s gone, that is, or unless I’m already using my homemade roasted tomato barbecue sauce.

Tomato jam plus barbecue sauce… Yeah, I’m gonna have to try that burger at Fowl & Fodder.

Saturday at the Park

Nature walk selfie

Connor convinced me that late Saturday morning would be a great time to head to the park. We ran through leaf piles along the paved trail, then took a nature walk through the woods (and got a little turned around on the purple trail, which didn’t take us back to the playground like we thought it would).

We found a tree stump that looked like a tooth…

…and Connor climbed a weird bulbous outgrowth on a tree we came upon while we were trying to get back to where we started.

Tree climber

Eventually, I acquiesced to giving him a piggyback ride to the trailhead. Then he wanted to explore the visitors’ center before we headed home for lunch — which was totally awesome, because I hadn’t realized there was an indoor area for birdwatching. Definitely going to be checking that out again.

That park trip with Connor was probably my favorite part of the weekend… purple trail confusion and all.

Thrift Score: Camera Finds

Three film cameras from Goodwill

We hit up the Goodwill today before dinner, just for something to do, and I came away with three cameras:

  1. Kalimar 3D 35mm camera, with box and manual… and unused envelope for getting 3D prints with your developing.
  2. Ultronic panoramic 35mm focus free with a half-exposed roll of found film. (I might have passed on this one if not for the found film.)
  3. Canon Sure Shot 80 tele. I don’t usually go for point-and-shoot zooms, but I follow a couple of film photography bloggers who have an affinity for some of these, so I figured I’d take a chance on romance. If nothing else, I donate it back and recoup my $3 on my taxes.

I was proud of myself for leaving a broken rangefinder at the thrift for someone else. I have enough broken rangefinders at home already.

As soon as I got home, I loaded two AA batteries and a roll of ISO 400 into the 3D camera. Can’t wait to see what comes out of that!

Photographs and Memories by Jim Croce has morphed in my head from being about a love who’s left to being about a love who’s died. #middleage