Fujica Half Test Roll

Fujica Half

I learned about the Fujica Half while researching sub-miniature and half-frame cameras online. I don’t recall exactly where I learned about this camera, but I decided I had to have one. After watching eBay for a while, I got one for $46.75 shipped this past January.

It arrived in the mail on a Saturday afternoon. I opened the package like it was Christmastime (except more carefully), and was immediately pleased with the size and heft of the camera. It didn’t look like the built-in selenium light meter was responsive, though, which was a bummer. No worries — I’d just forked over some money-well-spent for a battery adapter for cameras and accessories that were build to use mercury batteries, so my Kalimar accessory shoe light meter would serve me well. I was so excited, I loaded up the camera and took it to dinner to try it out.

Fujica Half

In the car en route to our favorite Vietnamese joint, I realized that the needle in the viewfinder was moving, and the on-board meter was functional. I compared the readings between all three meters — the Light Meter app on my iPhone, the Kalimar, and the selenium cell meter — and they all read 1/30 sec at f/2.8 indoors. (Which is admittedly on the low end of not needing a tripod, but I was anxious to start shooting with this little camera, so I took a chance.)

Fujica Half Test Roll
[Taken 21 January 2017]

Fujica Half Test Roll
[Taken 21 January 2017]

OMG, where has @altonbrown’s crema recipe been all my life? I could eat it on just about anything. Or, you know, just straight up.

Everyday Cook by @altonbrown will be the source of new-to-me recipes number 23, 24, and 25 for this year. Kid-friendly dinners FTW!

Daredevil in Training

Boys climbing on the playground

Connor met a new friend at the playground today who taught him how to climb up the outside of the rope bridge. His new friend — a first-grader — is clearly more of a risk-taker than he is, although Connor was totally stoked to be up on top of the net like a big kid.

Me, I did my best to play it cool and supervise without freaking out. My son needs to learn what risks are OK and how to get over his fears — and I need to learn when to give him space and how much — and the playground is the perfect place for that.

Another mom helped him down when he was scared and I was on the ground trying to talk him through it. I was glad for the adult help, but had also kind of wanted him to figure it out for himself. Even though he got help down, though, Connor considered the net-climbing a rousing success and the highlight of his day.

There’s nothing quite like researching a Mark Twain quote, only to learn that he never actually said it. t.co/MfA7wwVXFq

The Displaced Chef: Authentic Cuban Sandwich

Cuban from The Displaced Chef

Just like in Ybor City, proclaims the menu. Alas, during the years I lived in the Tampa area as a kid, I only visited Ybor City once, on a field trip, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a Cuban for lunch.

My Cuban from The Displaced Chef was delicious, but not as filling as I’d expected, and maybe not delicious enough to justify the wait. Seriously, I wonder what everyone else was ordering, because people who had been two or three spots behind me in line got their food before I did.

I wish the food truck had some more of the Cuban dishes served at the sit-down restaurant in Perrysburg. I’d gladly wait a few extra minutes for an order of piccadillo or ropa vieja.

If I hit up The Displaced Chef again, maybe I’ll order one of the platos. Or just get an order of fried plantains. Om nom nom.

June 2017 Weigh-In

If you look at my graph of monthly average weights for the year so far, June looks like the worst month ever. Horrible no good very bad weight.


For once, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. June has actually been a turning point for me, mentally. Not only have I hit a breaking point as far as how I feel in my own skin — I once felt awesome, but today I’m wearing shapewear to hide my lumps and bumps — but I’ve also discovered how to keep myself on track, and what will derail me if I let it.

My weight actually trended downward in June.

I’ve been using my personal bullet journal to plan ahead all my meals, my lunchtime activity, and my evenings (to keep me occupied and out of the pantry). One week, I planned to attend the annual ice cream social at work, knowing that they always serve a low-cal option or two. Sure enough, they had a low-cal vanilla… but they also had Moose Tracks, and how could I pass up Moose Tracks?! I figured it couldn’t be THAT many more Points…

Not only was it a LOT more Points, thanks to the fat and sugar, but the indulgence did something to me. For the rest of the week, I kept straying from my written plan, sneaking snacks, padding out my lunches with extras, and eventually abandoning my plan entirely.

Lesson learned: I need to avoid sweets. They can send me down a path of binge eating that I’m trying my best to avoid. Whether the trigger is physical or mental, its unwelcome, and it’s avoidable.

This week, I not only planned ahead, but I entered my plan into the Weight Watchers tracker in advance. That way, when I went to buy my Mini Garbage Salad from the food truck on Thursday, I was able to pass by those delicious cookies, because I’d already tracked my entire day, and I didn’t have any extra Points to allot for a cookie.

This week was also helpful for getting me back on track because my husband was home on vacation. That meant I wasn’t alone in the evenings, so I wasn’t lonely or bored or depressed and tempted to self-medicate with food. It also meant that if I did genuinely want to eat after dinner, I ate real food — plums and peaches, mostly — instead of eating a fourth meal of carby goodness or a giant dessert of sugary chocolatey over-the-top-ness. (Edit: We don’t actually have the stuff at home for a “giant” dessert, but a handful of Biscoff cookies topped with Lindt sea salt dark chocolate squares comes mighty close.)

Now that I know what works, and how I feel when I do it right, and that I can lose more than two pounds in a week if I just stick with the program, the results will be the motivation, as they’ve been so many times before.

My weight loss success has been cyclical over the years. Luckily, I’ve only ever regained a fraction of what I’ve lost — I’ve never rebounded to my starting weight in any of my weight loss cycles, including Atkins (starting weight 254 in 2003), WW before baby (starting weight 210 in 2008), or WW after baby (starting weight 194 in 2011).

I’m due for a hardcore losing streak, though.