First Iris of the Season

I moved several irises last summer in the hopes of better balancing out my garden design — and getting some irises to bloom that I’d never seen in bloom in the six summers I’ve been in this house.

This particular iris is one that has been in this spot the whole time, yet this year is the first it’s bloomed for me.

I’ll take it.


Putting my son on the bus every morning gives me the opportunity to walk past my flowerbeds daily (instead of just driving past them as I come up the driveway in the evening) and keep closer tabs on what starts blooming when.

The candytuft also started blooming this morning, but this Camassia won the photogenic award for today.

Lunaria (aka Honesty)

I saw these purple blooms from a distance while getting my son on the bus this morning, and had to take a minute to figure out what was growing here that I hadn’t planted.

Answer: lunaria that reseeded from last year (or the year before). In a while, they’ll form seed pods that look like silver coins — hence their other common name of Money Plant.

A Surprise Bloom


I saw an unexpected pop of color this evening as I looked out from my sunroom. Once I threw on my slip-on Skechers and went out to investigate, at the base of the butterfly bush I found this lovely tulip.

Which I didn’t plant.

That means it’s been there under my nose for six springs and either never bloomed or never been noticed. Nothing else in that bed is that particular color, though, so I can’t imagine I would have missed that pop of coral.

Welcome to the Early Spring Border, little tulip.