I can’t seem to think of a witty introduction, so I guess I’ll just give you a link to my Ohayocon 2006 photos.

I’ve found one photo of Aaron and me posted online so far. I’m sure there will be more eventually, though.

Aaron and I recorded a con report in the car on the way home from Columbus on Sunday. The audio didn’t turn out quite as well as Aaron had hoped, being that we didn’t take into account the sensitivity of his mics and the acoustics of the car. Still, though, if you haven’t already, check out our Ohayocon report on the Weekly Anime Review Podcast, scheduled for release this Thursday.

Youmacon 2005: Photos

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Youmacon 2005 photos!

For a list of other Youmacon photos, check out the Youmacon website. For other pics of our costumes, check out Fan’s View (click “next page” to see Aaron’s pic), Fiery Panda Studios (again, click “Next Image” to see Aaron), and Tastetheneedle’s gallery on Cosplay.com, among others.

Listen to Aaron’s and my con report on the Weekly Anime Review Podcast next week!

Nature Photo Op

Baby bird in the backyard, 21 July 2005 || Fuji FinePix 2400Zoom

When I came home from work today, Aaron told me that he’d been startled by a THUMP on the air conditioner installed in the dining room window earlier that afternoon. Apparently, he’d looked out the window to see a not-quite-baby bird—say, an adolescent bird—sitting on top of the air conditioner, outside. It looked right at him, and wasn’t afraid. (Maybe not old enough to be afraid of people yet. It’ll learn.)

Anyway, his first instinct was to get the cat. 😀 Instead, he decided to get the camera and snap a digital pic of the birdie. Unfortunately, by the time he got back, the birdie was facing away from the window, and instead of turning back for its photo op, it flew away / jumped off.

Fast forward to this evening. Aaron was gone to work. I didn’t feel like doing anything on the computer (for once), and decided to go outside in the back yard and enjoy the brisk breeze from the impending rainstorm. And what did I see but—you guessed it—an adolescent bird sitting on the grass right by the back door, not five feet from the aforementioned air conditioner.

Time for me to run inside and get the camera.

When I came back out, the bird was still there, hungrily opening its beak and chirping at me. I snapped some not-so-good photos of it, getting mighty close—within a foot or so, if not closer, judging from the horrendous focus on some of the pics (even using the macro setting! I need a fancier digital camera).

With the photo op over, I sat back on my haunches and wondered what kind of food I could drop into a little birdie’s mouth. It looked mighty hungry, and although its mother was seeming to answer it from the nest several trees over, she certainly wasn’t coming to rescue him or anything. I don’t know if the little guy could even take off from the ground yet.

I, like every other good Girl Scout, know not to pick up baby birds. Still, though, I’m really expecting to find that little baby bird still sitting in the yard tomorrow, much worse off than it is today. *sigh*

Damn that Prime Directive, anyway.

Memorial Day 2005

My Memorial Day in a nutshell: drive to Michigan, 2½ mile parade, lunch, 3½ hour rehearsal, dinner, performance for returned Marines, drive home. Total time away from home: approximately 14 hours. Total driving time: approximately four hours.

Overall impression of the day: productive.

Relay For Life 2005

Friday night was the BG Relay For Life at City Park in Bowling Green. Around 6:45pm, the Sky Team gathered at our campsite for a team photo. Had I realized that the team photo wouldn’t actually be posed, I might have taken a little more initiative to assist in posing people… but, especially as a first-year team member, and as I didn’t know the person heading up the photo, I didn’t feel it was my job to get the people in back to move up front where they could be seen.


One Year Ago

As Erk reminded me a few days ago, Aaron and I moved into our house exactly one year ago Monday.

I still wish I’d kept the digital camera handy during the move, so I could have taken pictures of the perfectly-packed 24-foot giant U-Haul, or the inside of our empty apartment, or the all-volunteer moving crew at their complimentary Easystreet lunch.

I do have some other pictures of interest, though:

Our house, at inspection time (February 2004)

The aftermath of getting the U-Haul stuck in the mud across the street from our new house

Our living room, after we got the furniture in place, one year before we got the widescreen TV

So, yeah. Happy one year in the house to us! (Only 29 more years of house payments to go…)


I’m still working on a weekend review, but I did manage to finish my Ohayocon5 photo gallery. (I’ve gotta come up with a new way to make slideshows for my site—besides Flickr.)

There is also a great collection of photos at fansview.com, in addition to an informative narrative on the weekend.

OK, here’s the overview I promised. Now, it’s kind of cold in this room, so my fingers are a little stiff; plus, I didn’t take notes during the weekend like I’d planned. So, I don’t promise literary greatness here. But, hopefully, between my photos and my narrative, you’ll get the general idea.