Sophie and my iPhone

Sophie and my iPhone

On Christmas Day, Aaron’s cousin Sophie was playing with my iPhone, checking out the photos I’d posted to Flickr from Thanksgiving.

Bob Mould: Detroit 10-1-2005

Here’s my first attempt at a homegrown MySQL photo album: 10 photos from the Bob concert last weekend.

[Edit: After moving my site to a new host, I uploadedĀ the three best photos to Flickr instead of standing up a new photo database.]

Fantastic show. Bob started out with three songs from his early-90’s band Sugar, which I’m fairly sure gave Aaron and me simultaneous geekgasms. The entire gamut of Bob’s solo career, Sugar, and Husker Du were all represented in the setlist, which almost made up for my missing Sugar in concert by a few years.

Aaron’s better at concert reviews than I am, so maybe he’ll post something more in-depth in the comments. Until then, suffice to say that this was the best concert I’ve been to in a very long time. I hadn’t seen Bob for fucking years, and this show was extraordinary. Awesome.