More Lomographs

Remember how I said after Halloween that Mei likes pumpkin? Well, here are the pictures to prove it:



And, while I’m at it, here are a few more lomographs I’ve neglected to post:

This was the wintry view that greeted me from the window one day while reading in our second-floor Quiet Room at work.

One of my co-workers turned 50 the day after Thanksgiving, so a few of the girls in the office decorated the day before Thanksgiving (after he left work for the day), to make his birthday that much more memorable.

Autumn sunset over south Toledo—Tireman, to be exact.

My Best Friend’s Baby

…Well, my best friend from Middle School, anyway.

It occured to me that I have a backlog of lomographs that I haven’t posted, including my visit to Carolyn’s baby shower back in October (mouse over thumbnails for descriptions):


Carolyn’s mom took the pic of me and Carrie, and had a little trouble with the lomo’s shutter. It took me a while to master myself, when I first got the camera. Of course, I got some flak from Carrie for being a super web-goddess and bringing a cheap plastic camera. It was at this point that I made the fatal error of telling them how much I paid for my kitschy Lomo LC-A.

Then I got made fun of even more.

But, then again, a visit with Carolyn wouldn’t be complete with a little humor at my expense, right? 😉

First Lomography Attempt

The roll of Lomo film I sent off to Snapfish has been developed, and the pics are up on their site. After seeing some of the crap other “lomographers” have produced, I was apprehensive about what my first roll was going to look like. But, as it turns out, I’m actually pretty pleased with the results.

To show you what the Lomo difference looks like, I’ve restrained myself from editing these photos at all—no color correction, no adjustments. I specifically requested that Snapfish make no color corrections to the prints, either. It goes against every digital instinct I have, letting these photos keep their flourescent green caste, but I’m doing it for the good of the order. Let me know what you think…