TBT: Ann Arbor With Aaron, July 2011

While I was preparing to mail in my last batch of film to The Darkroom to be processed, I found an old mystery roll sitting in a basket in the dining room. So I chucked it in the mailer and ponied up $11 to see what was on it.

Last time I did that, I got 30-year-old seagull photos from when my family lived in Florida. This time, I got four-year-old photos from one time Aaron and I spent the day in Ann Arbor.



Angry Pho

Aaron at Saigon Garden, Ann Arbor

To celebrate Aaron’s 35th birthday last month, we drove up to Ann Arbor for dinner. There are (at least) two kinds of cuisine there that we can’t get in Toledo: Vietnamese and Ethiopian. Aaron chose Vietnamese.

As an aside: As we were driving from the highway to campus, a carload of college guys pulled up behind us and saw the Trek fish on our car (it’s like a Jesus or Darwin fish, but it says Trek… and has nacelles like the Enterprise). These guys loved it so much, they took cameraphone pictures of it, and were embarrassed/geeked when Aaron flashed them the Vulcan salute.

Maumee River, Toledo

Maumee River, Toledo

Taken during my first week working downtown, over a lunch break. I hadn’t realized how beautiful downtown Toledo could truly be, if you just look in the right places.