Overlook at the Wright Brothers Memorial

Connor with Grandma and Grandpa Cook
[Taken 17 June 2016]

My 80-year-old camera would choose this particular frame to slip and overlap the next frame, so that the resulting photo isn’t the standard square format — and didn’t get automatically scanned and uploaded by The Darkroom. Glad I still have my trusty Epson Perfection V700 Photo flatbed scanner on hand.

Not the best camera for portraits — and I didn’t exactly get the color adjustments quite right  in post-processing — but, like I’ve said before, I appreciate a slightly quirky camera. Plus, I got enough snaps with my iPhone to make up for one wonky film portrait.

Voigtländer Brilliant Test Roll

voigtlander brilliantI learned about the Voigtländer Brilliant while I was doing a little research on TLRs and pseudo-TLRs. I’d read that the Voigtländer Brilliant V6 was the basis for the LOMO Lubitel TLR, so of course I wanted to get one. Alas, I jumped the gun on an eBay auction without reading carefully and ended up buying the second metal model, rather than the bakelite V6 I’d been wanting.

That’s OK, though. I rather like this little camera. It’s the oldest in my collection, manufactured in 1935, and it definitely takes photos with character.