Christmas Spirit

Is anyone else feeling a distinct lack of the Christmas Spirit this year?

I mean, sure, I’m all geeked about one present in particular that I already know I’m getting. And, yeah, I decked out my website in Christmas finery. Aaron and I have wrapped just about all of our presents and have them piled about the tree, and I’ve taken the annual Family Photo By The Christmas Tree—this year, with the cat in the mix. Our stockings are hung on the entertainment center with care, and I’m even planning to make sausage cake (a Cook family holiday staple) to bring in to work on Wednesday.

Even so… ehh.

I just can’t get excited about it. What’s wrong with me?

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  1. Hey, a new visitor. Alright!

    Actually, almost everybody who tries it ends up liking it. It tastes kind of like a really dense spice cake with raisins, and most people don’t believe there’s really meat in it.

    I can’t give out the family recipe, but this one is relatively close to ours. We’re not quite as fancy with it, though; our family recipe is much simpler.