Going Solo

Aaron has just left with Jessie and Kris to go to the lake, leaving me to my own devices for the weekend. This is my chance to tackle some projects I’ve been needing to do, but haven’t been motivated to start in the evenings after work.

Potentially on the agenda for today:

  • Do laundry
  • Wash the dishes (not a major project, but it needs done, and I should take responsibility for my banana pudding mixing bowl)
  • Clean and organize my desk
  • Clean my corner of the bedroom and put my clothes away
  • Work on the LSM website
    (and throw together a trifold brochure like I promised I’d do months ago)
  • Practice my mellophone

I don’t know if I’ll finish all these tasks today, but I’m going to try to avoid getting sidetracked and doing something other than these tasks, anyway.

To start off, I think I’m going to go make myself some lunch and see what’s on PBS while I eat. I ate so much at yesterday’s potluck at work that I never got hungry for dinner, so now I’m starving. o.O