Well, last weekend was Mom’s visit, and the weekend before was the Waterville Community Garage Sale, so this weekend has been the first where we’ve been able to think about painting the small bedroom.

Yesterday, we hit Home Depot and bought all our supplies: painting implements, dropcloths, painter’s tape, spackle, putty knives, and other miscellany. Including primer and paint, of course. We’re painting the room in April Mist, which is kind of a light green with a tinge of blue to it.

We didn’t actually start on anything until well after dinner yesterday. Around 9pm or so, we moved all the furniture and boxes out of the room and vacuumed the carpet. Then we spent two hours taping the edges: baseboard trim, ceiling, window, all that. We finally got done around midnight.

Today, once Aaron wakes up and we have lunch, we’ll start on applying our one coat of primer (Kilz, of course), let it dry, then one coat of paint. We’ll see if that’s sufficient, or if we’ll need to go get another gallon of paint for a second coat. The room is small — 9′ x 9′ — so one gallon of paint should suffice, assuming we only need one coat. We’ll see.

Taping went relatively well, if slowly, so hopefully that was the most tedious part of the process. I hope we don’t screw anything up too bad today. 🙂

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  1. Y’all shoulda called me. I have a bunch of drop cloths and plenty of rollers–wouldn’t need them back either. Oh well, hope you had fun.

  2. oh, we’re not done yet. we still have the dining room, living room, and hallway to do, so we may still take you up on that. 🙂