Painting Complete

I mentioned before that taping the trim and ceiling took two hours on Saturday night. What I didn’t mention was that I woke up on Sunday with a twinge in my lower back, presumably from bending over and applying painter’s tape to over 60 linear feet of trim and window and such.

No matter. After lunch on Sunday, we laid down the plastic dropcloth and began priming the room. That took an hour and a half, then we waited another hour for the primer to dry, during which time I became better acquainted with the pain in my back. Laid on the floor, did some stretching, and was ready to go for the actual painting process.

After we thought we were done for the day, and after Aaron had already showered, I read on the internets that it would probably be a good idea to remove the tape before the paint dried. So we did that. (The above photo was taken while Aaron was getting his shower on, and before we removed the painter’s tape.) We had a few oopsies, including blooping paint down through the tape in one place and accidentally peeling the old ceiling paint off in others, but I’m not really upset about that.

I think we were a little concerned that one gallon of paint wouldn’t be enough to cover the entire room, so we probably spread the paint a little too thin. At any rate, we have a few touch-ups to do tomorrow. Overall, I’m still pleased with the result.

Check out more photos of the painting aftermath on Flickr!

PS – My back is still sore, but it’s getting better. Taking a walk today really helped to loosen it up. I’m going to try to lower myself into a nice hot bath shortly.

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  1. c’mon do the woodwork too. Then you’ll be able to peel off your painter’s “rookie” stripe. Good idea taking off the tape that day. It’s almost better if you are up to it to tape it and paint it the same day and take off the tape that day. I had several disasters leaving tape on too long! At least you had fun and now can gage how much paint you will need for a room.