Daffodils, April 2013

Daffodils, April 2013

[Taken 9 April 2013]

These daffodils were some of the first flowers to show their heads last Spring. There are also some pink hyacinth popping up in the background.This is the flower bed right next to our back door, under the kitchen window.

The conspicuously bare branches near the pink hyacinth belong to the Japanese maple and the butterfly bush. (The butterfly bush took so long to come back to life — early summer, as I recall — that I wondered if it was actually dead.)

Same with the clematis — it’s just out of frame to the right, but it was just a dead-looking plant on a tall metal trellis for most of the Spring. Once it finally came out of dormancy and bloomed, I discovered that it’s the kind that blooms in June and repeat flowers, and needs to be cut back to 12″ every now and then (as my former landscaping guy recommended).

But the clematis is a post for another day. For now, the countdown begins: only 11 more weeks until I see some color in my yard again!

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