April Weigh-In

First, April’s NSVs:

  • My favorite black blazer is way too big now. I bought a more festive blazer in the next size down, and it fits perfectly. I also bought a purple blazer — different brand, also a size down — that fits loose.
  • Most of my work pants fall completely down my ass. The pants that used to give me horrendous muffin-top are now my best-fitting “old” pair. I bought a couple of pants in the next size down (size 14 tall), and they fit perfectly.
  • I bought a parfait for “second breakfast” instead of a chocolate muffin or a cinnamon roll. On a different day, I bought a parfait as an afternoon snack instead of raiding the vending machines.
  • On multiple days, I threw away my son’s leftovers from dinner instead of eating them myself.
  • My coworker brought her baby to work to visit during her maternity leave, and she noticed I’d lost weight.

I mentioned last month that I had crunched some numbers, and had decided to stop swapping my Activity Points. It worked! I lost 1.8 pounds during the first week of April, when I ate only 48 out of my 49 Weekly Allowance Points, and earned but ignored my Activity Points. The next week, even though I ate more than my allotted share of Weekly Points, I still lost 1.4 pounds.

Week three was kind of a bingey week — I ate through all my Weekly Points plus some a lot during just the first few days. Once I reined myself in, though, the few pounds I put on came right off. I even netted a 0.2-pound loss that week, although it still put me 0.4 away from the mini-goal I’d set for myself. Week four wasn’t bingey, but also wasn’t technically on-plan. Plus, it was the week where I normally expect a gain, so I wasn’t surprised or particularly upset to see that +0.2 on my weight tracker.

I feel like I’ve had my fun, and now I’m ready to get back to business. I’ve been completely on-plan, Points-wise, two days in a row, almost made it to three today; I haven’t done that in a couple of months.

I should probably mention that I was involved in a car accident during the first week of April, and my activity level took a bit of a hit as a result. My cervical vertebrae were out of whack for a while, which was causing some nausea, which made me really not want to do any yoga for a couple of weeks, much less any other fitness classes. Overall, I came back pretty quickly, but those first couple of weeks in April were big weight-loss weeks, but low activity weeks. Now that I think of it, my eating habits during the second part of April may have been related to a joyous relief from nausea after my second chiropractic adjustment.

Here’s a mind-blowing fact: I only have ten pounds to go before I reach Goal (or what I currently perceive as Goal). I always assumed that the upper level of the “normal” range was the best I could ever hope for.

Maybe I really can do better than that.

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