TBT: Aaron’s 30th Birthday Party

Aaron's 30th Birthday Party, Nov 2004

Ten years ago yesterday, my husband turned 30 years old.

I invited all our friends to a surprise birthday party at our house, complete with snacks and cupcake cones and jello shots. We crammed thirteen people into that little split-level house. It was a good time.

Yesterday, my husband turned 40 years old.

I bought him an iPad retina and had it shipped to my work, so as not to ruin the surprise, were he to retrieve the package off the front step. He was, as I had hoped, thoroughly surprised when I gave it to him. Then he went to work.

We have our monthly date night scheduled for later this month, at which point we’ll probably go somewhere a little extra special in honor of his birthday. I didn’t even try to get our friends together this time around… mainly because everyone has their own lives and families and priorities, and we seem to have grown apart from many of our old friends partly because of that.

We’ve still got each other, though. Happy birthday, Honey-Muffin.

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