Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: November 2014

If you would have asked me last year to write a post about what was blooming in my garden (or in my house) in the month of November, I might have laughed. Now that I’ve been participating in GBBD for a few months, though, I’ve been paying closer attention to the small things.

For instance: I found this mum blooming in late October, and I had completely missed it last fall (since I still don’t know what all the previous homeowner planted).

Fall Mums
[Taken 23 October 2014]

Not long after, we got our first frost here in NW Ohio, so I’m glad I got a nice photo of the mum before then. The pollinators didn’t seen to mind the wilty petals, though.

Bee on Fall Mums
[Taken 3 November 2014]

While I was doing my fall cleanup this month, I also spied a single confused bloom amongst the creeping myrtle.

[Taken 3 November 2014]

Also during my fall cleanup, I documented the last rose bloom of the season, on my unidentified pink rosebush.

Very Last Rose of the Season
[Taken 3 November 2014]

That’s probably going to be about it for the outdoor blooms until March. Until then…



Back in September, I cut some sedum blooms to bring inside as part of a flower arrangement for my son’s birthday party. Over time, everything else in the arrangement wilted — but the sedum only faded as sedum does, and the leaves stayed green. So I kept it in water. Then it started growing roots, so I planted it in potting soil. Then, this month, it started blooming.

[Taken 5 November 2014]

They’re teeny tiny blooms, and I should probably be pinching them off to let the plant grow stronger roots… but they’re welcome color on my windowsill.

My African Violet decided it was time to bloom, too:

African Violet

As a special surprise, my Christmas Thanksgiving Cactus has started to bud, and may actually be in bloom around Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Cactus


With a little planning, we CAN have blooms nearly every month of the year. I have some ideas about getting blooms in my house and on my property this winter (and in winters to come), and I wouldn’t even have considered it if not for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

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