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Every other Wednesday, I go out to lunch with two co-workers of mine. One is a little younger than me with two young children (her oldest was born two days after Connor), and the other has a daughter who just went off to college, plus two grown stepsons from her partner’s first marriage. We all have things in common, but we also have different perspectives on things, which makes for intriguing lunch conversation.

This past Wednesday, we went out to the downtown taco joint and enjoyed the $1 traditional taco special and caught up with one another.

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Last time, two weeks ago, I hadn’t said much. There was too much going on in my life, and anything I said wouldn’t have come out right. Too bitchy, too woe-is-me. That’s not my style, so I just kept my mouth shut.

This time, enough things had at least started resolving themselves that I had some perspective and could put my normal amusing spin on things.

I started with the story about me getting a new primary care provider and getting referred to everyone under the sun — including an endocrinologist for the lump on my thyroid. (I haven’t yet heard from any of the specialists to set up appointments.)

Then I asked if I’d mentioned that a gutter got torn off my house by ice. No? Well, that happened.

Then I asked if I’d mentioned that the delivery truck from Appliance Center hit our house and damaged another gutter while they were delivering the refrigerator that we bought when our old one died the same day that the gutter fell off the house. That was fun. And by fun, I mean not really. (That truly deserves a detailed blog entry of its own. It’s coming soon.)

old fridge, new fridge

Oh, and did I mention that I hit a pothole on the highway so bad that the dealer had to replace a wheel on our main car, to the tune of nearly $600?

The entirety of February and the first half of March really just sucked balls.

All these sagas aren’t completely over, but they’re winding down. The car is fixed, and I’m working on getting reimbursed by the contractor who’s doing the highway construction work. The gutters are fixed and better than ever, with a new foam gutter guard to keep anything funky from clogging them up and contributing to future ice dams. Appliance Center’s insurance company reimbursed us for the damage to our house, although we’re still awaiting replacements for the crisper drawers that the delivery guys dropped in the driveway and cracked. And like I already mentioned, I have referrals to medical specialists, but haven’t heard from them for appointments yet.

Spring is coming, snow is melting, crises are abating, and things are generally looking up.

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