Operation Braceface: Day 995

Two years and eight months.Will it ever end?

braces, day 630

This adjustment, as planned, we moved to 18-25 Ni-Ti wires, with a 6-to-6 chain on bottom. However, in a departure from plan, I’m no longer wearing elastics, and I have no chain on the top teeth. My next visit is in four weeks rather than seven, to evaluate how the bottom teeth are moving.

The 2-to-2 chains from the last adjustment managed to open up a bunch more spaces between my bottom teeth. It doesn’t inspire confidence when Dr. M. asks, “What’s up with these spaces?” I’ve had to remind her every time (for the past three adjustments now) that the spaces opened up when we tied in my molars.

Month 33, the assistant said. She even specifically asked the doctor for an estimate on remaining treatment time, and the doctor evaded the question by having me come back in four weeks instead of seven. I’m just three months away from having been in treatment for three years. Three months over the initial estimate.

(Once again, the ortho staff was running about a half hour behind schedule. That made me especially frustrated, as I actually arrived a half hour early, having come straight from my salon appointment.)

I’m nearly positive that my bottom teeth have already moved in the few hours between my 11:30am adjustment and the photo above, taken around 6:30pm. I could tell when she put the new wire and chain on the bottom that it was going to be an interesting few days as far as mouth pain is concerned. I wasn’t able to finish my dinner this evening, and even though I’m still a little hungry, nothing in the realm of soft foods is sounding good. I can deal with the pain, though — nothing a little ibuprofen and some positive thinking can’t overcome. Pain means my teeth are moving, and that’s a good thing.

I’m ready for this to be over. I’ve done my time. I’m ready for my straight and healthy teeth now.

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