Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: September 2015

In my Zone 6a/6b garden in Northwest Ohio, not nearly as much is happening as usually does in September. The early summer rains and the late summer drought (or maybe it just seemed like a drought by comparison) really confused a lot of the plants. And some of them, like the Joe Pye Weed and a few others, were possibly victims of the deer buffet.

I’ve also been slack with weeding — I’m still relatively new with this gardening thing, as I kind of jumped in with both feet three summers ago when we bought this house with all its established beds and borders. I find that I’ve gotten better at weeding and deadheading each year, but every year there comes a point when I just throw up my hands and say, fine. You win, weeds. Every year it’s a different dominant weed; this year, it was bermudagrass (if I identified it correctly).

But this is bloom day! What am I thinking? Less kvetching and more pictures!

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

I can always count on the sedums to grace the beds with some fall color, and to keep the pollinators busy as their other favorites start to fade.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

Even if I fail to weed around them, they still make themselves known.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

The yarrow remains lovely and underappreciated. I’m sure I’ve already mentioned that I should really move it someplace with a bit more foot traffic.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

I don’t know what this mophead hydrangea thinks it’s doing, trying to bloom in September, but it’s certainly welcome to give it a go.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

This mum only has a handful of flowers on it, when usually it’s covered with yellow blooms. I’ve seen telltale signs of animal munching on the plant, plus it’s in a shady spot where it always seems to come down with a white leaf fungus, so it’s just not having the best year.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

Neither is my white Althea (aka Rose of Sharon) — this is probably the best flower I’ve seen on it all summer. All the leaves are curly and never quite filled out, and the flowers — what few there have been — have been the same way. I wonder if the wet June waterlogged it somehow? All I can do is prune it this winter and hope for the best. I really like that tree.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2015

Finally, a newcomer to the garden: Cilantro. It finally bolted, and is beautiful. It seems the bees have been enjoying its flowers this September as much as I enjoyed its flavor in my dinners this summer.

Of course, there are a few hangers-on from August, too. The hydrangea paniculata started turning from white to rose a little early this year, and most of the other plants that were abloom in August are still trying to show some color in September.

Overall, though, things are starting to wind down for the summer, and are thinking about transitioning to autumn. I’m trying to make myself appreciate the winter that will inevitably follow the beautiful fall weather that I love.

As always, many thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day on the 15th of every month!

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