Starmatic Photo Walk, August 2015

I hadn’t taken my Starmatic out for a spin for a few years, so I loaded it up and took it for a walk downtown this past August.

Turned out that the Red Ball Project was downtown that day, so I started at the installation at the now-vacant Roulet Jewelers location.


After that, I went back to my plan of heading up Summit Street.



Turned up Cherry Street and photographed St. Francis DeSales. Again. I just can’t walk past this church and not photograph it.

Maybe one of these days I’ll bring a telephoto lens and photograph it from the other side of the street… Hopefully that wouldn’t get me flagged as some creeper, though. People don’t know what to think of photographers anymore.

But I digress.


Cherry Street is actually not terribly picturesque, as I discovered. So I turned and walked around the Civic Center Mall (Municipal Court, Common Pleas Court, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, Police Department).




After photographing the courthouse, I headed up Adams Street, back toward work.

I didn’t expect this photo to come out, with the sun directly in frame like that… but I had to try. I love the lines of the rectangular streetlights with the downtown architecture.


I actually hunched down on the sidewalk for a minute or two by the Valentine Theatre, hoping the cars in the parking lot would move out so I could get a proper photo… but they didn’t, so I took the shot, anyway.



I think that the yellow light leaks must be from light seepage during loading or unloading. My previous color roll didn’t have that going on. Some issues were fixable in post-processing with some cooling filters, but I’ll just convince myself that the more egregious leaks add character to the photos…

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