Operation Braceface: Day 1156

The good news: we’re in the home stretch! Only one or two more adjustments to go.

The bad news: this adjustment, everything rides on me remembering to wear my elastics.

almost done!

All we did this time was replace the bottom chains and the top o-rings and check my bite. Doc says that he’ll be relying on me to tell him when my bite feels right. He’s not concerned about my slight overbite, and neither am I. We’re more focused on getting the molars touching the right way at this point.

I’ll be wearing a normal triangle elastic on the left side and a Class II on the right, to try to line up my bite on the right side. It’s so far out of whack, one of my bottom right molars was actually aching a little from being chewed on at a funny angle. Hopefully, this elastic adjustment will fix it — and hopefully, I’ll remember to put my elastics back in after brushing or eating.

Next visit, he’ll file in between my bottom two front teeth, and between the one and two on the right side. That should make my teeth fit together a bit better — and hopefully not add on another few adjustments to close any gaps.

I’m scheduled to go back in four weeks. Straight, healthy teeth by age 40 is looking promising.

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