March 2016 Weigh-In

I had the idea that I’d start weekly weight-loss updates… but then I stopped photographing my daily meals, and I also realized that I don’t need to spam my own blog with weekly diet updates. It’s important for me to keep tabs on myself, yeah, but not to the extent that my relatively well-rounded personal blog becomes a weight-loss blog.

I’ve started using my data-nerd tendencies to my advantage, though, and actually using the data I collect in a timely fashion. I average my daily bathroom-scale weight per week and plot it against my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in, and that helps me avoid the all-or-nothing thinking I can so easily fall into (as in, I’ve already screwed it up for this week’s weigh-in, so go ahead and eat the whole sleeve of Thin Mints). When I can see my progress over time, as it’s happening, rather than letting myself stall because Monday nights before a weigh-in are always my worst munchies — well, it makes me feel like not so much of a schmuck. Makes me feel like that point-in-time on the WW scale is just that: a point in time, not necessarily representative of the hard work I’ve done all week, or all month. Or all year.



It’s also helpful to be able to look at a month-long stall in weight loss and see it in the context of previous months. Sure, I didn’t lose much weight over the course of March, but everything trended down from February — my max weight was lower than February’s max weight, I hit a lower low weight, and my average is down. It might be down by less than a pound, but that’s still progress.

Related to weight loss, but more to the fitness side of things: a friend shared an article on Facebook that really resonated with me, listing the 10 things a weightlifter should be able to do. I don’t identify as a “lifter,” per se, but I still thought they were valid points in terms of general fitness.

  1. Bench Your Bodyweight – I don’t bench press right now, but this will be a good goal once I start. I actually talked to the manager of our fitness center at work today about proper bench press form, and how to use the machine vs. the free weights.
  2. Deadlift Double Your Bodyweight – My back issues preclude me from doing deadlifts, kettlebell swings, etc, so I’m exempt from this one. That’s not to say that I shouldn’t be finding acceptable alternatives to deadlifts.
  3. Hold a Two-Minute Plank – I’ve got this one, but barely. My abs were trembling early on, and my mid-back and biceps were screaming at me by 1:45. (Push-up/full plank position, BTW.)
  4. Sleep With Only One Pillow – Well, yeah, although I already know I have the cervical kyphosis the author is alluding to.
  5. Sit on Floor Without Using Hands, Knees, or Shins – Successfully did this one just now. I had to sit there for a moment to contemplate how exactly to get up, but I did it.
  6. Balance on One Foot for 10 Seconds – Tree pose. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Hang for 30 Seconds, Pull-Up – I don’t even have one pull-up in me right now, much less a pull-up after hanging for 30 seconds. I would love to work up to a single pull-up… but knowing the current state of my grip strength and upper body in general, I know it’s going to be a long road.
  8. Long Jump Your Height – I haven’t tried a long jump since Field Day in elementary school. I’m wagering I only have about a 4ft jump in me right now, but I’m curious.
    *gets out measuring tape and jumps in middle of living room*
    Trying not to make noise or fall down, I only jumped three feet. I’m 5’9″ tall. I’ve got some work to do.
  9. 30-Second Bodyweight Squat and Hold – Just did this one to make sure, and yep, I’ve got it. Even with sore legs from yesterday’s treadmill run and today’s kickboxing class.
  10. Farmers Walk Your Bodyweight – Yikes. So, walk across the gym holding an 85-lb dumbbell in each hand? I don’t think I even have the grip strength to pick them up off the rack!

If I want some fitness goals, I think those are some valid and mostly attainable ones. Now my next obstacle is getting myself to the little free-weight corner of the fitness center without feeling self-conscious, or like I’m getting in the way of the burly menfolk.


  • A co-worker and former Weight Watcher lauded me for my weight loss twice in a single day. The second time I saw her, she actually said, “There’s my idol!” Awesome but awkward.
  • Went to the vending machines for a Diet Dew and some chocolate. Chose a Dove bar, and only ate half. Saved the other half for later.
  • A co-worker had a trench coat that didn’t fit her right — size medium tall — and thought it would fit me perfectly, so she offered to let me have it for free. AND IT FITS. Holy shit, I can fit into a size medium trench coat.
  • Bought a chicken salad sandwich and mac-n-cheese for lunch from the restaurant downstairs. Only ate until I was satisfied (OK, maybe I ate a little past that point), and left half the sandwich for later.

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