Light Meters FTW!

Fujica Half

The weekend started pretty awesome (from a photography standpoint), as my battery adapter from CRIS arrived on Friday. I have at least one camera (the Rollei 35 I just got done testing) and one light meter that both require discontinued mercury batteries, and the WeinCell replacements weren’t working for either. I was way stoked to find that the battery plus adapter worked in both!

So, I attached the accessory-shoe-mount light meter that was now functional to my new-to-me Fujica Half that I got this past week off of eBay. I had tried the selenium (old-school solar cell) light meter right when I first unpacked the Fujica, to no avail. No worries, now that I had a light meter that wasn’t my iPhone, so I took the camera plus light meter to dinner on Saturday. Miraculously (read: yay, science!), the on-board selenium meter woke up after being out and about, and the on-board reading matched the mounted Kalimar meter. Now my Fujica Half is just as awesome as I hoped it would be, since it’s fully automatic with the meter functional.

I am TOTALLY STOKED that I now have two fully working cameras and a mounted light meter, thanks to a new battery adapter and SCIENCE!

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