Keepin’ It Goin’

When I resolved to post something to the blog every day, I didn’t realize how narcissistic and self-serving it would seem some days. Post a thing for everyone to see, every day, whether it’s interesting or not. Whether I’m feeling it or not.

I have a blog post all queued up and ready to go… but I don’t feel like it’s what I want to post today. I’m tired and I just succumbed to an after-dinner uber-snack that made me uncomfortably full, so I’m not into posting an entry called, “Why DO I want to lose weight?”

I’m guessing this is how it is for real writers, too — sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. You just keep on keepin’ on, and eventually something good happens.

If you’re still reading… thanks. And here’s a pic of my kid writing out valentines after dinner to pep up a dull blog entry:

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