First Visit From The Tooth Fairy

I got a text from Aaron just before lunch on Friday: “Are you able to talk?”

Usually, daytime conversations with my husband while I’m at work are epic things — illnesses, house-related calamities, etc. I was relieved that this was regarding a loose tooth.

Connor’s tooth was way loose with zero warning — so loose that he didn’t even want to eat lunch because it hurt (or, likely, just felt really weird). I made a note to stop by the bank on the way home to be sure the Tooth Fairy was appropriately funded, and to make old-school braces-style soft food for dinner.

Fast-forward to that evening, after I got home and Aaron left for work. I was making dinner (shepherd’s pie), and Connor was having some screen time in the living room.

He called me: “Mom, come here!”

I walked into the living room expecting a very wiggly tooth, but what I got was, “My tooth came out!” Wow, OK. That was fast!

He kept on screen-timing, with a paper towel pressed to his newly-empty gums to deal with the little bit of bleeding, and by the time dinner was ready, he was back to normal… just minus one tooth.

Before bed, I fashioned a fleece platform for his tooth, and we decided to put it on the low bookshelf right by his bedroom door, so the Tooth Fairy would be able to find it easily.

This morning, Connor awoke to find that the Tooth Fairy had left him two 50-cent pieces for his first baby tooth!

“The Tooth Fairy is real!”

After all the requisite photos were taken (but before breakfast), Connor put the money in his piggy bank.

He’s looking forward to showing his buddy X in his Pre-K class that now he’s lost a tooth, too.


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