Our First Fog Delay

My phone buzzed me awake at 5:48am. I didn’t know the number, but it was local. I declined the call and tried to get back to sleep for awhile before my real alarm would wake me up.

I figured it was Connor’s school announcing a fog delay, but I checked my voicemail to be sure (in the bathroom, so as not to wake my sleeping husband). Yep. Voicemail, text, and email all said the same thing.

I sort of drifted back to sleep before my alarm went off and the morning routine began. Connor, as usual, met me in the bathroom while I was getting ready. I explained the Extended Time program and fog delays to him as best as I could at 7am.

Once we were dressed, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, and (in my case) coffee ready, we headed out.

Connor's first fog delay

My informational packet had gone missing, so I drove to where I thought ET was held for Connor’s school. Luckily, a nice staff member outside once the nearly-deserted school reminded me that there’s a central location for ET on fog and weather delay days.

Hooray for Siri and turn-by-turn directions! I made it to the school and fabricated a parking spot in the drop-off lane (just like a dozen other parents), then brought Connor inside. I felt like a total n00b, but the ET staff were a well-oiled machine. Connor’s school is meeting in the cafeteria, his stuff goes in the gym under the basketball hoop, sign him in here, have a great day!

I wasn’t too much later to work than usual. Now, at least, I know what to expect and where I’m going in case of a weather delay.

Since I was running late already, I thought nothing of stopping en route to work from the parking garage to capture a photo of the morning fog.

Morning fog downtown

Epilogue: Connor thought Extended Time was “boring.” He was also disappointed that the delay meant there wasn’t enough time for everyone to do Show And Tell today.

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