Eat less. Eat better. Move your body.
-Henry Rollins on how to lose weight

As some of you may know, I am attempting to lose some weight, especially before my wedding in May. This is my public attempt to gain support and share my progress. The hope is, by making my progress public, I will have more pride in my paltry accomplishments, and will have a greater desire to achieve, so as not to look like an complete ass.

:: weight.tracker ::

goal: lose twenty-five pounds by my 27th birthday
plan: lose two pounds per week by:

  • eating more fruits, vegetables, and protein
  • eating less pasta
  • lifting weights to build fat-burning muscle
  • practicing yoga to improve flexibility
  • playing dance dance revolution for cardio workout

progress: currently at four pounds below starting weight
(which shall remain private, due to my fatness of ass)

  • nov 10: sw (starting weight) -2
  • nov 17: sw-1
  • dec 01: sw-1
  • dec 08: sw-6
  • dec 18: sw-7
  • dec 22: sw-7
  • dec 29: starting weight (damn christmas bingeing)
  • jan 06: starting weight
  • jan 18: starting weight
  • jan 26: starting weight
  • feb 02: sw-2
  • feb 09: sw-2
  • feb 16: sw-1
  • mar 02: sw-4