Typical New Job Day

I’d love to say that today was the best day ever, and that my
new job sounds like a joy… but, in fact, it sounds like I’m kind of everybody’s
flunky and general floater for now. I’m doing stuff that I don’t really know
how to do, like filling out peperwork to have the Federal Reserve Bank compensate
us for mis-encoded checks; and I’m doing stuff anyone could do, like highlighting
the account numbers on one report that were already highlighted on yesterday’s

However, I did get out of work at 5:00 today, which was nice,
despite having to clock in bright and early at 8am.

My right eye has been insanely dry and bloodshot all day, and
I’m hoping it gets better overnight. I don’t do the eyedrop thing, even if
we had any. It’s not overly painful, just distracting.

Called my credit card company and changed the name on my card,
finally. I’ll get a new one shipped to me next week. Slowly but surely, I’m
getting things changed from my maiden name to my married name.

I wouldn’t have even done that yet, but the Bitter
Creek Candle Company
said that my credit card was having trouble clearing,
so I figured that had to be it — I put the wrong name. Then I checked
my balance online, and I was also a touch low. 🙂 So, I also paid some more
on my credit card, to help fuel my soy candle obsession (and pay for Christmas

Oh, and I scanned in the photos of Loni’s family I took on Friday.
Just in case you were wondering what kind of insanity I had to endure. FYI,
Loni is sitting on the far right, holding the boy in the gray vest.

I dislike being so tired when I come home from work.
It makes me look forward to going to bed — but then the next thing I
know, I’ll be going to work again, and I hate feeling like work is all I
live for. Hopefully after a week or so of this early stuff, my body will
be used to it, and I won’t be this tired after work.

I’m also remembering what it was like to dread going
in to work every day. Not that I dread this job yet, not after one day, but
I can’t say I have a positive attitude about the unknown. Especially knowing
that I’m going to mess something up eventually, that it’s inevitable, and
wondering what day I’m going to come into work and be faced with fixing some
mistake I’ve made… which is usually twice as time-consuming.

Maybe while I’m getting used to getting up early
and having a new job, I’ll intensify my external job search. It sounds like
I’m general Deposit Support help right now, and they don’t even know if I’ll
really be doing the job I was hired in for, and they’ve already lost one
person in this position to another offer, so what can it hurt? *shrug*