Belt Promotion

We made it! Red-black belts for both of us.

Mr. Turner seems to think I’ll be testing for my black belt come June… we’ll see.

Connor is surprisingly motivated to prepare for his own black belt test. I suggested that we could practice together to ramp up to the 100 non-stop push-ups we’ll need to crank out, and he was totally on board. He even coaxed me to run a mile with him on Saturday afternoon, since that’s also part of the belt test.

I’m curious to see how long his motivation lasts. (Or my own.)

Grammy’s Mini-Me in Medina

Connor and I took a long weekend at the end of July to go visit my mom in Medina County, Ohio. Of course, I had to get a photo of my son in front of the iconic gazebo in Medina Square.

His Dad and I had collaborated to make him a mixtape (yes, an actual cassette tape that he played in an actual Sony Walkman) that included his favorite techno/electronic and video game music, and he listened to it nonstop. Hence the headphones.

I just got the film developed (yes, actual 35mm film) and was struck by how much my son looks like my mother.