Yesterday was the Right To Read Week Vocabulary Parade at Connor’s school. When I was unable to craft a Rubik’s Cube themed outfit in a single day to personify the word “solve,” Connor asked if I could make him a “plain” shirt instead.

The Baxter V Rocket

Connor constructed this rocket for Baxter during his day off from school. He borrowed my folding protractor-ruler to exactly measure the angles he needed for the nose cone/pyramid (so he must be internalizing some of that geometry he’s been learning).

Assembly of the rocket involved my (very cheap) hot glue gun, Elmer’s glue (when we ran out of glue sticks), and gaffer’s tape (when the Elmer’s was taking too long to dry).

I’m still not entirely convinced that Baxter enjoys being rocketed around the house in a box, but I could be wrong.

U Can’t Touch Ur Mom’s Music

Earlier this month, my son Connor (age 10) was telling me about a funny commercial he’d seen, where someone had cheesy Cheeto fingers and they kept saying, “You can’t touch this.” Even though I hadn’t actually seen the commercial, I knew exactly what he had to be talking about.

So, because I’m that mom, I searched YouTube for the official music video for MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This and made Connor watch it with me. He was actually tapping his foot for most of the song, and didn’t really get bored of it until right before the last verse (“OK, Mom, I get the idea…”). I even showed him the very beginning of Superfreak by Rick James, just to give him a taste of how sampling works, but he was pretty much over the riff by then.

As the icing on the Cake U Can’t Touch, Aaron found an Old Skool Hip Hop karaoke CD at Goodwill this weekend. Looking forward to embarrassing my son with that at some point in the future.