Friendly Firefly

I found this little guy doing the backstroke in the birdbath when I went to fill it up this morning. When I gently splashed him out of the water, to my surprise, he started climbing up the side of the bowl.

I didn’t see him land here on my maple bonsai-in-progress, but I assume it’s the same firefly. He’s been hanging out on this leaf for some 15 minutes or so, presumably drying himself off.

We’re just chilling here together before the temps turn unseasonably warm later today.

Also? As I was writing this, tapping on my phone and sitting in the Adirondack chair with my big friend, a critter sauntered under my chair and into the plants behind me. Guess I’ve been chill enough that he didn’t even care that I’m here.

Peonies and Asparagus Greens

The peonies are starting to bloom!

I always bring in the ones that are either drooping close to the ground or are at the back of a planting where they won’t really be seen. That way, taking cut flowers from my garden doesn’t make much of an impact overall.

Our previous neighbors started growing asparagus a few years back, and the family who bought their house have let the entire vegetable garden go — including the asparagus. As I trimmed back some of the asparagus ferns that threatened to whap me in the face as I collected my peonies, I realized that they would make a nice filler for my arrangement. Bonus!