I cooked with Ethiopian spices for the first time yesterday. This morning, my kitchen still smells exotic and delicious.

Bloom Day, May 2023

Foregoing the usual commentary for this Bloom Day in my Zone 6a/b garden. Enjoy these photos from May 15, 2023, including the tree peony and early-blooming herbaceous peony, alliums and chives, dogwood, camassia, one final late-blooming daffodil, lamium, lunaria, and variegated Solomon’s Seal.

Thanks as always to Carol Michel for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th of each month! As Elizabeth Lawrence said, “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.”

Spring Break Staycation

The highlight of last month’s spring break staycation was taking a daytrip to Ann Arbor! Thrifting, gaming, shopping, and eating. And walking.

Our first stop was Salvation Army, on our way into town. Connor found a telescope for cheap — all it needs is a bolt and locking washer for one of the tripod legs.

Our next stop was Pinball Pete’s. Connor had never been to an honest-to-goodness arcade before (Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t count). All the machines still take actual money, not tokens or cards, which was refreshing.

Luckily, there’s no visual documentation of me playing DDR Extreme — although it was OMG SO FUN and took me back to my college days, I really don’t need to see what I looked like jumping around to my favorite DDR song. I assure you, I looked nothing like this guy.

After an hour or so at Pinball Pete’s, we walked across the Diag to the other side of campus, for virtually everything else we wanted to do.

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Status: Annoyed

Today’s reminder to double-check all the things: While machine-darning my husband’s shorts, I sewed the pocket lining to the leg. Real good, too, I might add. My only option was to cut the pocket away from the darning, which made for another hole to mend.