Birthday Terrarium

glass terrarium with air plants

My college roomie, Amy, sent me this classy terrarium from Gifted Glass Gardens for my birthday! It’s minimalist and exquisite at the same time, with black sand, preserved moss, Cholla wood, two air plants, a geode, and a chunk of pyrite.

Of course, all of the pieces came shipped in their own sealed bags or containers — thankfully, the terrarium came with assembly instructions and photos. It also came with care instructions for air plants, which I was also glad to see, as I didn’t realize air plants needed to be soaked in water weekly. That would explain why the one I had back in 2012 was so short-lived.

Thanks, Amy! You know me well. 🙂

Return of the #SchnuthSalonSelfie

It’s kind of a running joke with a few of my coworkers that I reinvent myself every few years.

Mostly, they’re referring to my hair.

After growing it out for a few years, I decided it was time to change it up. No more ponytails and hair clips; all I need now is a spray bottle and my fingers (and maybe a comb, if I’m feeling fancy).

Lazer Pointer Thersday

Connor told me last night that he wanted to make this shirt in the morning; I gave him the OK, with the caveat that most of his markers are washable.

When I came downstairs this morning, I had completely forgotten about our shirt conversation — until I saw him wearing his creation. (I didn’t have the heart to mention his spelling errors after he’d already made the shirt). He managed to find a black marker that wasn’t washable, but he could only find a red washable one, “so be very careful when you wash this. Maybe put it on delicate.” I attempted to heat-set his t-shirt art by ironing it, so hopefully it doesn’t bleed too much during the course of the day.

I’ve been wanting to play around with screen printing for a while now… Hmm.

I still have no idea where he got the idea for Laser Pointer Thursday.


I was working from home yesterday when a movement outside the window caught my attention. This little guy looked to be eating something on the Japanese maple by the office window.

According to my bird identification app, he’s likely a Tufted Titmouse — and it was already flagged as a “favorite,” so I’ve identified one at least once before.

Perhaps I should put a feeder or a birdhouse in the Japanese maple… I hadn’t thought of that before.

Bullet Journal 2021

I don’t usually take the time to really lay out my bullet journal like some people do; for me, it’s really a physical place to keep my medium-term memory, and I only give passing thought to making it look visually appealing.

This year, though, I must be craving the artistic outlet or something, because I just spent time over several days to design this cover page for next year’s journal.

Hell, I even created a goal brainstorming page. I’ve never sat down and done that before, even though I’ve almost always set yearly or monthly goals.

This year hasn’t been as bad for me and mine as it has for some people… but I still hope next year is better.