Dose Number One

I got my COVID-19 vaccine

Thanks to what’s known as a Closed Point Of Dispensing, I was able to receive the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine this morning, via my employer.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be vaccinated… but there are so many others much more at risk than myself who should, by all rights, be getting this protection before me. My husband, an “essential worker” in the shipping industry, has been working as usual throughout the pandemic, and he’s unlikely to get vaccinated for weeks or months yet.

I’m scheduled to receive my second dose in four weeks, at which point I should only have a 6% chance of contracting and exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

(My birth control pill only had a 3% chance of failure back in 2011, though. Just sayin’.)


I was working from home yesterday when a movement outside the window caught my attention. This little guy looked to be eating something on the Japanese maple by the office window.

According to my bird identification app, he’s likely a Tufted Titmouse — and it was already flagged as a “favorite,” so I’ve identified one at least once before.

Perhaps I should put a feeder or a birdhouse in the Japanese maple… I hadn’t thought of that before.

My Condolences

As Connor and I sat idling in the loop line at school this morning, the stickers on the vehicle next to me caught my attention.

I couldn’t quite make out the dates, but it looked like this woman’s sister passed just a couple years ago.

Normally, an SUV bedecked with a memorial would stoke my empathy and curiosity, but only for a moment. Maybe it was because I sat there behind this Lexus for a good five minutes before the school began letting kids in, but something about this memorial just got me right in the feels. I think it was the added touch of the customized license plate that finally did it for me.

Sometimes rear-window memorials seem overdone or gaudy, but this just struck me as… genuine?

After we all drove around to the side entrance and I waited my turn to pull forward, I watched the kids climb out of their Mom’s car.

Sorry about your Aunt Jessica.

Another Year Over

This year’s custom calendars arrived just in time! Honestly, I usually procrastinate to the Nth degree on calendars, so much so that I tend to set the starting month as February instead of January… so getting the calendar before New Years Day is kind of a big deal.

Now I just need to get my Mom’s shipped off to her (along with her Christmas presents and photos of her grandson and whatnot) so that it maybe possibly arrives before February.