Yesterday was the Right To Read Week Vocabulary Parade at Connor’s school. When I was unable to craft a Rubik’s Cube themed outfit in a single day to personify the word “solve,” Connor asked if I could make him a “plain” shirt instead.

Fish Fight

Baxter’s newest toy is a motion-activated flopping fish, and it’s his new favorite thing. He’ll attack it with bunny-kicks, or he’ll carry it in his mouth and drop it at our feet.

(Also, Aaron reminded me today of this gem that we watched at a long-ago anime convention, which is where I got the title of this post.)

I Really Don’t Like This.

This has been my vibe this week, and I don’t like it. Not at all.

I’ve been in a spiral of poor eating habits and poor sleep hygiene and bad mood that just feeds on itself. My inner teenager is getting the best of me, letting me sabotage myself by doing whatever I want in the moment — order out because I don’t want to make dinner, stay up late to watch YouTube or play solitaire, ignore my reminders to prep tomorrow’s meals…

Time to be the adult in the room.