Baxter’s Bad Day

Baxter got to visit the vet today, and I have never seen him so freaked out. He was jumping at every sound and smell, and didn’t even want to stay in my arms (or on my shoulders). He got two vaccines today, plus the vet looked in his eyes and ears and mouth and even where the sun don’t shine.

The good news is that he’s a healthy kitty — and hopefully he’ll be even healthier after we start feeding him his expensive new kibble to fix his tummy troubles. The bad news is that he was so scared he pissed in his cat carrier. Poor kitty.

Living Dangerously

Baxter likes to weave himself in and out of the stair railing, often walking up the outside edge instead of up the middle like the rest of us.

He’s even been known to jump off the side of the staircase, although we do try to keep him from jumping from too high up.

Fish Fight

Baxter’s newest toy is a motion-activated flopping fish, and it’s his new favorite thing. He’ll attack it with bunny-kicks, or he’ll carry it in his mouth and drop it at our feet.

(Also, Aaron reminded me today of this gem that we watched at a long-ago anime convention, which is where I got the title of this post.)