Homebuying, Step 1: Complete

hello, keyword boy.It’s true: we’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage loan. w00t!

Now, Step 2 is finding a realtor and looking at some houses. John from NOIC is being nice enough to do some legwork for us and hook us up with a realtor. I’m sure it’s not just for our benefit, though; I’m getting a definite "you scratch my back…" vibe about his relationship with the realtors he’s researching for us. That’s cool, though. Whatever gets us into a house by April.

While I was looking for houses on Realtor.com the other night, I found this sidebar. Read the caption carefully. Then scratch your head at the randomness and move on.

We’ve found a couple nice homes on Realtor.com, mainly in the Wildwood/Reynolds Corners area of Toledo. We have a few requirements/preferences:

Three bedrooms (or two plus a den) • Attached Garage (preferably two-car) • Dishwasher • Central Air • Pleasant neighborhood (where we can safely take walks)

It would also be nice to have a washer and dryer included in the deal, but we can always buy those later. If push comes to shove, we could install central air later, too, like the Frieses did, but we’d kind of prefer to enjoy the first summer in our new home.

There are lots of other houses that don’t meet all our wants, but that are still pretty cool, too. I think we’ll find something right for us in the right amount of time and for the right price. It’ll be fun.