Damn livejournal…

Silly me, wanting to change to Rich Text mode in the middle of an entry. No, I didn’t want to keep that entry or anything. Gyarr.

So, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted… Where the hell is the goddamn fuse?! I cracked open the computer, and the fuse is not where Aaron said it would be. I can’t seem to find it. Hopefully, he’ll be able to help me locate it this weekend, and we can go buy a new one at Wal-Mart or Ace Hardware or something. I hope it’s not actually the power supply itself, because that would suck. It doesn’t smell like burnt computer, though, so that’s good.

Although I did discover why you’re supposed to keep all the nice plates closing up the back of your computer. 🙂 Lotsa cobwebs. Jinkies.

I read something on CNN.com today which would explain some of my personality quirks. Scientists have found a relationship between teen depression and a small hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for emotion and motivation. It’s possible that adolescent depression could actually shrink the hippocampus, they say. Maybe that would explain my reticence to get up in the morning, eh? —Oh, well. It was a good try, anyway.

And here’s a funny for ya: Maybe your parents or grandparents were involved in social or veterans’ clubs like the VFW, the Federation of Eagles (Fraternal Order of Eagles?), the Moose Lodge, or similar clubs. But have you ever heard of… The Fraternal Order of Orioles?! One of their local “nests” opened an account with Sky recently… which is probably more than I should tell you. Now I have to kill you.

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  1. I don’t know about this hippocampus thing, ya’ll. They only looked at 34 teenagers and for a study that wants to claim a correlation of only 17% shrinkage (average), that’s just not a big enough sample population to convince me of diddly squat. Not to mention that they didn’t prove the depression caused the shrinkage. It could have been that they were born with a small hippocampus and that made them depressed as teenagers. It sounds kind of like another “we sort of found a correlation so maybe it could be this” study which will get turned all around the next time someone does a study on it. It’s sort of like all of the foods that are supposed to be good for you one week, but then the next week they’re not, so the week after that they come up with some kind of substitute, but then by the end of the month they think it really is good for you, but the substitute stuff is giving everyone cancer. You know what I mean?

    Oh, and I don’t think you can blame your hippocampus on not being able to get up early. I think that’s just you 🙂