This Weekend: Curry and Silver

Over the weekend, I bought one of those videos of beginners Pilates (read: pill-AH-teez, not like who drives a plane). Did the workout this evening before dinner; my arms are sore like I worked out with weights, and my lungs and windpipe feel like I’ve been really breathing again for the first time in a long time. I wonder what this is going to feel like in the morning…

I’m also very proud of myself for making “real” food this weekend, too. Aaron cooked some chicken on the Foreman, and I made a curry cream sauce (with Atkins ThickenThin not-starch thickener instead of flour, of course). Mmm… curry… reminds me of my Memaw’s yellow curry rice. But, yeah, I made something that wasn’t alfredo sauce, tuna salad, or any number of pasta dishes I can no longer indulge in… and it was so, SO good.

Another weekend accomplishment: I scored what I believe to be a platter made of real silver. From Goodwill. For a dollar. Spent four bucks on silver cream, and probably an hour buffing and cleaning the sucker. Looks like silver to me, and nowhere on the bottom does it say it’s only silver-plated, like the other platter I found at the thrift (and didn’t purchase). Its only mark says “Oneida Silversmiths,” and, unfortunately, there’s no mark indicating it’s Sterling. 🙂 Anyway, even if it’s not pure silver of some sort, it still looks nice, and isn’t too gaudy.

Oh, and one last thing. I, like Beth, am not upset that I didn’t watch the StupidBowl, even though it means I missed Janet’s insanely nipple-pierced boobie. Yeah.