Weirdness on my street

OMG. You will never believe what I just saw out my window.

I was sitting here at my computer, contemplating going to bed, when I heard a car pull up the road. (One of the benefits of living on a dead end: all traffic is either lost or coming to your house.) It didn’t sound like any car I knew—the muffler was pretty noisy, so it wasn’t Aaron. Then I heard it pull up the driveway and turn around… but it didn’t go away. The rumbling chug was still outside. I started to get a little freaked out, so I headed up to the front door to look out the peephole. All I could see was that a car was parked with its lights on, somewhere behind the giant pine tree (which is to say, by our house somewhere) and it had gotten close enough to trip our motion-sensor floodlight. I decided I needed a better vantage point.

I went upstairs again to the small bedroom and looked out the open blinds. I figured I was relatively safe, standing in near-total darkness inside. From there I could tell that there was a bluish station wagon parked on the opposite side of the road, and as I watched, the driver turned off the headlights. It looked like two people in the car, or a person and a dog—I couldn’t tell which. Then I remembered that the crate of camera equipment was in the room with me, including Aaron’s binoculars. I foraged for those, and looked out ever so carefully, so as not to be spotted.

The driver was a black man, a young adult, and his seat was in the reclined position. His head turned toward me, and I freaked for a second as I thought he’d spotted me, but he turned away again. As I was trying to ascribe honest motives to him (maybe he just needs a place to grab some sleep?), I saw motion in the car. It became a particularly rhythmic motion. And you’ve probably guessed it by now: it was someone giving him a blow job.

I felt kind of bad for the guy on one hand, because I’ve been there: trying to find a place, anyplace, to go and get it on. To make matters worse for this fella, though, the wind kept triggering the motion-sensor on the floodlights by the garage, so it kept interrupting them. I wonder if it was good for him, anyway; I heard his car rumble away as I was writing this entry.

I’m glad it was just someone getting nookie, though, and not someone casing the joint. I was seriously freaked out for a few minutes there.