So, I was just burning a CD of genealogy info from my Mac to use on my PC, and opened some genealogy photos to test the burn. In the midst of my browsing and testing, I came across this image of my great-great-grandmother—my maternal grandfather’s maternal grandmother. (Did that make sense to you?)

Nora Marie Lemons, circa 1908OMG. Does anyone else think that, given a circa 1908 Katherine Janeway-style hairdo, I look like her? Can you see the resemblance? I can. It’s kind of weird. I looked at the whole picture, with her husband Harvey and child Lucille, and thought that Harvey looks a little like Grandpa Cook (or the other way around). Then it occured to me that Nora looks like Mom… and me! I mean, I know we’re related and all… duh… but it’s still kind of strange to look like someone who died almost a lifetime before I was born.

Beth, your family’s into genealogy—any input on genealogical photographic weirdness?

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  1. I see it. I saw it before I read your LJ.. just saw the pic and said to self.. Whoever that lady is she looks pretty durn familiar. That’s a pretty good picture too. You’re lucky to have such a nice clear image like that. Oh… and the weirdness? With all the images I’ve sorted through that my dad has gathered, I have run into resemblances before. Not as strong to me, but I think I’m still kind of coming into my looks. For example, I never looked like my mom that much before, but I looked at her wedding pictures the other day when she was about my age and went… YeeP! I’ll have to see if I can find that pic to scan.