Back to the Grind

You know you’re a LiveJournal enthusiast (for lack of a better word) when life events prompt your husband to comment, “Well, at least this will make a good story for your LiveJournal later!”

What prompted this comment, you might ask? How about driving all over freaking Toledo looking for something so simple as photo album pages? All I wanted was a couple packs of damn album pages. Non-magnetic, clear pages that would fit three 4×6 prints on a side. Aaron and I struck out at Meijer, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Taylor Photo, Office Max and Target. I mean, jeebus! How asinine! None of these places carry the right damn photo pages?! *rolls eyes*

I finally ordered them from B&H online, along with some photo storage boxes I’d been wanting… but I’m sure I paid more with shipping and all.

The need for photo pages arose after the realization that I hadn’t put any photos in my photo album since Halloween. That’s nine whole months. Hello, slacker! So, I went through my overstuffed photo box (here again, note the need for those storage boxes I ordered) and located everything that had happened since October 2003. That would include Christmas, moving into the new house, getting Mei, visiting Fort Meigs, Fourth of July fireworks, and the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I have a stack of photos about half an inch thick that finally have names and dates written on them, but no homes. Bah. (And that doesn’t include the ones that don’t make it into the album—I’m more discerning about that sort of thing than I once was.)

And in other news, today is the final day of my vacation. Aaron still has all this week off of work, but I go back tomorrow morning. I guess I don’t really dread going back to work, but I’m certainly not excited about it. As Aaron says, I finally got to feeling like a normal human being again. It kind of gives me a teeny tiny taste of what it might be like to be retired.

Pretty pathetic, I know, dreaming of retirement before we’ve even had kids, but still… I guess if you don’t want to work for The Man, though, your only options are a.) start a successful business, b.) own a farm, or c.) win the lottery / receive an inheritance. Those options don’t include d.) become homeless (like my uncle), or e.) go on welfare (like my Mom when I was really little), since I don’t currently consider those viable alternatives.

And as follow-up: I’m currently trying to purchase a lomo on eBay, though my patience is being sorely tried. I want my new toy now, dammit! I don’t want to have to wait and snipe an auction tomorrow night! Gah!

*deep breath* I’m OK now… I just want my lomo. I’m excited.

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  1. BODY:
    there are a few scrapbook stores around, you could try Stamps Etc (i think that’s what it’s called) in the Westgate Shopping center (take reynolds to bancroft, take a right, go to secor, take a left, westgate is on your left at secor & central).

    I think there’s one a little north of that too.