Home alone on a Friday night

Ehh. Part of me wants to do nothing but websurf, and part of me is totally bored with it and wants to leave the computer and do something else. Part of me is perfectly content to listen to the Twilight Singers album I just downloaded. (Amazon recommended the album, but I’m sure they intended me to actually purchase it.)

Part of me wants to be creative. To write, maybe. Part of me wants to read, but isn’t interested in either of the books I’m currently reading. (LOTR won’t fit in the purse, so I’m reading a McCaffrey book at work and leaving the Tolkien for just before bed.) Part of me is tempted to go pick up the guitar, but knows that I’d be frustrated after only ten minutes of playing the few chords I know, mainly because my fingertips would feel like hamburger already.

So, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll turn off the music and play some Civ III. I really don’t feel like watching TV or going to bed yet.