Lomomania Returns

Well, in the midst of my website obsession, and shortly after the wrath of Hurricane Charley, my Lomo arrived from Florida. Surprisingly enough, after all the stink I made about wanting one, it has been sitting neglected on the kitchen table until today.

Today, in the midst of our other random errands, we purchased a three-pack of SR44 camera batteries and a three-pack of Kodak High Definition film (but only because I had a $3.00 off coupon). Now, according to the Lomographic Society website, a little red light was supposed to come on in the viewfinder if the batteries worked—unfortunately, I failed to note that in order to make said light come on, you have to actually press the shutter release. So, I was quite perplexed and ended up messing with the battery contacts and loading film before I realized that all I had to do was push the button and the little red light would come on. ::sigh::

Anyway, I now have a loaded Lomo, and have taken almost half a roll of film. I intend to keep it in my purse and hopefully find some spontaneous photos to capture. I understand that the first roll or two of Lomo film always sucks, so I’m not setting my sights too high for this first attempt. I’m just hoping that the film I loaded advances OK and that the shutter works and that the camera doesn’t suck too bad. For $100, it better not suck.