I am so addicted.

I had thought to have a computer-free day today. After purchasing web hosting, downloading MT, and almost getting it installed yesterday, I had seriously thought I could stay away from my hopeless addiction to the intarweb. I had planned to do some yoga, put away some clothes, water my plants, et cetera, et cetera. Instead, here I am, basking in the glow of my Compaq FS740 17-incher, watching my old-skool copy of WS_FTP95 (straight from the 1999-2000 ResNet CD!) zip all the Movable Type files to their new home.

Er, no, I’ll take that back. I am actually now configuring MT. So far, so good… Now I just need to set up a template, and test this puppy out.

Then comes the daunting task of importing all my old entries.