Let’s Hear It For Personal Days

Mom stopped by today on her way down to Texas. Yep, I took the day off and had a couple few hours of quality Mom time before she continued on her move South. I guess Gary still hasn’t closed on the house, and their stuff is living in his parents’ garage. (They live a mile away from the soon-to-be new homestead.) Anyway, Mom is planning to drive down to Texas over a span of about three days, after which she’ll join Gary in staying with his parents until they can find a mortgage broker that is willing to work with their credit. (Yikes.)

I’ve pretty much finished tweaking my portfolio page, although there are still a few things I’d like to add. As it is, if the nice folks at HR happen to look at my portfolio (hi, guys!), I won’t be embarrassed about it. Which is a good thing in a job hunt.

As predicted, tweaking my portfolio site helped me remember all the cool shit I used to do (when I had more access to expensive software and hardware). Even better is the fact that I can tell where my shortcomings were in some of the pieces I’ve posted, which means I haven’t gone rusty from being out of the academic environment for almost three years.

Doesn’t it figure, though—on my day off, when I was spending time with my Mom and tweaking my portfolio and hanging out at home with Aaron, I was also experiencing the beginnings of a pretty righteous cold. Now I have to go to work tomorrow with a nose like a faucet. Great.

Hey, HR? If you’re reading this, you might want to hold off and just do a phone interview or something until I get this cold under control. For your sake. 🙂