Being A New Urbanist

Not that I don’t like our new house or anything… but I do kind of miss having a downtown area to walk around. Tonight, I could have seen myself braving the cold chilly wind and traipsing down to Grounds with a notebook and pen. Maybe bringing a packet of Splenda and pocketing the miniature bottle of caramel sugar-free syrup from our fridge and ordering a decaf.

Sure, there are places in Toledo I could have driven to, but there’s something different about having the walk to clear your head. When you’re driving, you (or at least, I) have to pay attention and don’t have much brainpower left for properly zoning out.

I like being closer to more things we can drive to, but not being able to walk to real shops and stores and restaurants takes some getting used to.

Maybe this is just a manifestation of the weird depression I seem to have been in lately. Can’t seem to shake it. Don’t want to sleep, don’t want to do crap. I’ve been terminally bored for nearly a week now. It’s a little early in the chilly season to be going through this—this was once what I expected to go through every February. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not nearly as depressed as I once was, and it’s been quite a while—years—since I’ve been even recognizably depressed… and this isn’t nearly as bad as I’ve been in the past. I can handle a general lethargy. It’s just pushing through it, when I know that it has no reasonable cause and no foreseeable cure, that’s the trouble.