Nothing New To Report

It’s been a few days, so I figured I’d check in with my faithful readership.

On the stiff neck front: it no longer hurts everywhere, but one or two muscles are still stiff. It doesn’t bother me that much, though, and another good hot shower and a nice long night’s sleep may make it better. That, and not playing on the computer all hours of the night.

On the job-hunting front: Designski never got back to me. I submitted my updated resume to Thread on Friday afternoon/evening, and have yet to hear anything beyond the standard autoreply e-mail. Just checked the Sunday Blade classifieds online, and the only thing even remotely close was a graphic design and vinyl cutting job op. Must be for a sign maker somewhere in town.

In other news: I keep having bad dreams that someone is going to spill to Aaron what I’m doing for his birthday. It’ll still be a good present, even if he finds out what it is ahead of time… but I really hope he doesn’t. And if you know about it, don’t post anything damning here, because he does read my blog. 😉

Skipped out on Sunday’s LakeShoremen banquet, mainly because 1.) the main course was pizza, with the remainder being potluck style (read: Aaron and I would be eating salad and nothing else), and 2.) the venue is two hours and fifteen minutes from here. This is also where all the rehearsals will be held for the 2005 season, which makes me a little unhappy. I’m planning to go to the first few rehearsals, see how the drive is, see how happy I am with the membership and the music and getting to really march again. If the drive and the mental payoff don’t equal out, I’m turning in my mello. I mean, really. That’s farther than driving to Cleveland.

In other news: MY GOD, PEOPLE, EITHER LEARN TO SPELL OR USE YOUR SPELLCHECK. Professionals look like complete idiots when they misspell words like “preform” or “there” or “your” or some such thing. Good Christ. The common layperson writing a random “tommorow” or using the wrong “its” can be excused… but for God’s sake, people, proofread the copy that’s going to the printer for a mass-media run! I know I’m the queen of finding the spelling error / typo, but I know I’m not the only one who catches this sort of thing.

Oh, and my printable Imation CD-Rs from Amazon were actually non-printable Spin-X CD-Rs, according to the two incorrect items I’ve received. I’m apparently getting a refund and a $5 coupon off my next order. So, so annoying. The question now is, do I want to try to find some other brand of printable CD-R on Amazon, or do I give it up and just order another Muppet Show DVD?