Weird Dreams

I had a couple really weird dreams last night. I was getting ready to go to drumcorps ? the buses were just outside, and it was the beginning of the season, but a bunch of us were already sleeping in a big room (like a gym or an armory). All my stuff was everywhere, though, and disorganized, and unpacked, like I was still at home. I kept going through my stuff, packing it into bags, deciding what to bring and in what bags, all the while realizing that people were loading up on the bus already. Somehow, I knew that I’d never really unpacked my stuff from the previous year (or two), so I knew I had everything I’d need right there.

Finally, I got all my stuff almost together, and ran out to the bus I saw outside my window so that they wouldn?t leave me. The bus said Crusaders on the side, and I couldn?t believe that we were renting buses from Boston and not even changing the name on the side. When I climbed up, though, I saw that it was the chuck truck, not the member bus. I told the cooks inside, who were also just about to go, that I was almost ready to go and wanted to make sure the bus didn?t leave without me. They looked at me kind of amused, and told me that I?d better start running, then, because it had already left.

I was dumbfounded ? no one had told the driver that I wasn?t on board? Had no one noticed? Wacky D (a drummer from my days in Northern Aurora) was there, but older, and he and the other cooks agreed that I could come on the chuck truck with them if I hurried.

I also had a dream that Rob Wozniak kissed me, but that was really weird. Not entirely unpleasant in my dream, but weird in retrospect. I never found him attractive, really, and still don’t.

(For anyone who doesn’t know, Rob used to work for RCC, and now works in my department at Sky Bank.)

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