Why Does My Computer Hate Me?

I’ve been finishing my Mom’s Christmas present this evening—I’m not sure what I think of how it turned out, but I’m sure she’ll love it. She may even cry. Anyway, suffice to say for now that Photoshop was involved in creating said gift, as was a trip to Big Lots. (I love Big Lots.)

So, we all know how much my current computer loves to run multiple RAM-hogging applications. Surprisingly, the ‘puter made it through the end of the project, taking long minutes to save my 50MB Photoshop file after each major change, during which I was surfing on Aaron’s computer. (Tuckle Rori > DaisyDo > Moxie Design Studios > Chepooka) But the gift is now complete, so I had thought it would be safe to surf on my own damn computer.

Not so.

I closed out everything except Firefox and WinAmp, because I wanted to surf to some tunes. I Googled shoutcast christmas to find some holiday spirit, and located the SomaFM Christmas feed, which was rocking my balls for about a song and a half.

Then the fucking computer froze.

You lasted through a 100MB Photoshop file, but freeze when I want to listen to music and click on a link at the same time? And I didn’t even click—I just moused over the damn link! WTF?

As soon as Christmas Eve hits, you are so out of here.

(I’m never installing anything major in my own computer ever again.)