OMG I Want.


Oh, Sheryl? Doesn’t this bring back memories? Heh.

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  1. I think it was Nathan Pond who took over the Kohl Lab after Amy — he found that in or on the file cabinet during a team cleaning spree, and asked if I wanted to keep it.

    Hell, yes!

  2. i was the tshirt designing queen that year. before someone stole (!!) an entire box of tshirts from me, i still had the kohl hall tshirt i made 😛

  3. somebody stole your t-shirts? that’s shitty. i still have the one you made… somewhere. i think it’s in my “i don’t wear it anymore because it’s irreplaceable and about to wear out” stack o’ shirts.

    i really wish they would have made the star wars-themed kohl hall shirts the year the bootleg “al-kohl-hall” shirts came out.

  4. yeah! i’d forgotten what the “hook” was for those shirts.

    i’m so jealous of those damned chapman kids who moved into our brand-new renovated fucking dorm. gyarr. stay in your own damn residence hall, you interlopers!

    ah, well. kohl killed the prout program… maybe it’ll kill the chapman community, too.